Insurance Claim Processing

Perfect eData India is a leading service provider of insurance claim processing to all the globally settled clients at an affordable price. Our insurance claim processing consists not just of insurance but also general insurance, auto insurance, and health insurance claim processing.

Our insurance claim processing services are exclusively designed to enhance the efficiency of the insurance process and to minimize the cost of document management. Our team of specialists helps you to accurately manage, store, access and retrieve the critical information.

  • • New business acquisition
  • • Setting up the insurance claim
  • • Insurance claim eligibility and estimation
  • • Claim document imaging
  • • Disbursement
  • • Account settlement
  • • Full claim adjudication
  • • Fast tract adjudication
  • • Modernizing the legacy applications
  • • Account settlement
  • • Examining and reviewing the claims for authenticity
  • • Reviewing the claims for estimation of amount